My Healthcare Questions for Journalists

I am a 49 year old male and I’m married with no kids. I am an entrepreneur with a young startup and no employees. I am not an expert on healthcare. I currently buy health insurance through the HealthCare.gov exchange via the Affordable Care Act. I chose a mid-tier policy that I think meets the needs for my… read more »

QR Codes In The Garden

Here at Plants Map we have over 160 universities, botanical gardens and other users scanning QR codes every day on tens of thousands of plants around the world. A QR code is simply an image of a block of text and in our case, that block of text is a URL to a page we… read more »

Pet Peek could solve Southern Hills fence problem

I’d need at least 100 – two for each pup, installed every 10 feet. Heck, if we install enough of them the neighbors won’t be able to see the massive fence! Hat tip to Mark. Source: http://www.petpeek.info/

Welcome to Southern Hills in Fairport, NY

I didn’t think I was the type to post to RottenNeighbors.com but that was before I checked the mail yesterday. I opened letter that included signatures from two of our neighbors, Barbara and Jeff Barteld who, since July have been publicly stating displeasure over the fact that Tracy and I fenced in our back yard. The Bartelds have had county… read more »

Shopped in person, buying online

Yesterday, Tracy and I bought a new house in Fairport, NY. Over the past two years while we have been living up here, we’ve been saving money in case we needed to do upgrades to the house before we moved, rather than after we got settled in to the new place. After the closing we… read more »