My Healthcare Questions for Journalists

I am a 49 year old male and I’m married with no kids. I am an entrepreneur with a young startup and no employees. I am not an expert on healthcare. I currently buy health insurance through the exchange via the Affordable Care Act. I chose a mid-tier policy that I think meets the needs for my… read more »

The 1962 Appalachian Trail Hike

It was early June, a typical Sunday afternoon; and the small community simmered in the summer heat. A huge station wagon, which bore foreign license plates, invaded the peaceful valley. It was decorated profusely with enormous pictures of citrus fruits. The station wagon slowly approached the community picnic grounds, where a small group of local… read more »

My New Guitar

I bought a guitar last week. It is a Martin DX1 acoustic with an electric pickup. I have wanted a guitar since I was a kid. I played on my dad’s guitar back then. My grandfather had a classical guitar. He took lessons and was pretty good. I dropped an Ovation acoustic years ago and… read more »

Blue line on 42″ LG plasma HGTV

The mostly persistent thin blue line on my 5-yr-old LG plasma TV. Well, I’m going to try and repair my LG Plasma HGTV. The model number of my LG Plasma is DU-42PX12X. Here’s the story… A few weeks ago, my 42″ LG Plasma HGTV began to occasionally display a thin blue line on the right… read more »