My Healthcare Questions for Journalists

I am a 49 year old male and I’m married with no kids. I am an entrepreneur with a young startup and no employees. I am not an expert on healthcare. I currently buy health insurance through the HealthCare.gov exchange via the Affordable Care Act. I chose a mid-tier policy that I think meets the needs for my… read more »

Weather stick shows improving conditions

Check out how the icicle is bent because the Vermont Weather Stick mounted on the back of the house is rising, showing that the weather is improving. Meteorological Spring begins on Thursday, March 1. I didn’t really notice the Davis Weather station in the reflection until I had shot several frames. That machine says it is still… read more »

Six Things Every Great Leader Does

Great leaders READ. Great leaders WRITE. Great leaders THINK. Great leaders EMPOWER. Great leaders DELEGATE. Great leaders WORK. HARD. Leaders aren’t lucky. Matt Heinz of Blogging Innovation writes about the Six Things Every Great Leader Does.