A bag full of digital goodies

Yesterday was Halloween and I didn’t get any candy, but UPS delivered an early birthday package from my wife. The box came from B&H Photo Video and contained a wide-angle Nikon zoom lens. Wow! This gift is now the highest priced item in my arsenal of photo equipment!

My last camera was a Holga and I bought it for $22. I’ve been told, and I’ve been repeating, that back in the 1940’s Holgas sold for $2 at five and dime stores as toy cameras.

I decided last year I wanted to move up from the plastic camera, and get away from dealing with loading medium format film and dealing with electrical tape in the dark. (The tape is used to stop the light leaks). It was time to go digital.

My digital camera bag is filling up one piece at a time. It now includes:

Nikon D200
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR ED-IF 17-35mm 1:28D lens
Nikon AF ED NIKKOR 50mm 1.8 lens
Nikon SB 800 speedlight (wireless flash)
Nikon MB-D200 Multi Power Battery Pack (vertical grip)

I’ve been posting photos to flickr.com but I’ve slowed down a little since I started using Apple’s Aperture because I still have two books to finish reading on what I’m doing. Adobe Photoshop and Apple’s iPhoto were working just fine before. (The recent photos all look desaturated and flat coming out of the new program).

I’m also recording RAW files, because I heard that is what Sports Illustrated does and figure they know what they are doing. Right? The RAW files on this camera are 15 Mb each, so my little 2 Gb card only holds 120 images at a time now.

I have two more items on my camera wish list. I would like to save up for a Nikon 105 mm f/1.8 micro, a Nikon 400 mm f/2.8 and a Nikon 70-200 mm f/2.8 VR zoom lens. Oops, that was three things!

Now that I think about it, while I’m at it, I may need an extra body to hold one of those new pieces of glass and probably a mono-pod!

This time, I’ll follow through

Over the years, I’ve started at least a half-dozen blogs but have let them all die the slow and painful death where after 3 weeks of not posting… You know the story. (My favorite was one called “Tactfully Sarcastic” where I seemed to always knock on stupid buzz words that the media industry seemed to be hyping at the time.)

In bursts, I seem to go and avidly post to del.icio.us and/or Flickr. But both of those sites, as great as they are at what they do, lack something. Maybe adding a blog to the mix will create a trio of sites where a bit or piece here or there will be useful to someone. So… I’m going to commit myself in this space to occasionally write about everyday things I run across during the course of a day.

I am in the online publishing business but I won’t be writing specifically about my work here. I’m sure you understand.

Here goes…