The Problem with Job Boards

The Ladders has released a brief new white paper by the Aberdeen Group called Challenges in Sourcing Six-Figure Talent. (It is a .pdf download).

In it, they share their research on how partnering with an online provider to source resumes is more effective than just posting on job boards. It is an interesting read and presents many problems and challenges that still could be solved in the employment vertical space.

Job boards can increase the reach of recruiters and hiring managers into otherwise difficult-to-access talent pools, but 70 percent of survey respondents said that reach can make things worse by delivering unqualified candidates, most of whom are unqualified for the advertised position. In addition, 59 percent said the volume of applicants funneled through job boards strains the resources of hiring companies and recruiters, making them less effective at identifying and vetting candidates who are actually qualified.

Additionally, 61 percent of respondents said they spend too much time looking for the right candidates for these jobs and 45 percent don’t see value in paying for job postings on these sites and job boards.

Read Sharon Florentine’s article here: The Problem with Job Boards.