My Jawbone UP Band Has Gone Mad

Written by Bill Blevins on August 30, 2013 Categories: Personal Tags: ,


Everything was working.

Then, a couple of days ago it [my 3 month old Jawbone UP activity monitor] just stopped acting normal.

I checked the support site, read the forums, tried soft resets, hard resets, charged battery multiple times, etc.

Now, I’ve been there and done that. Repeat. Over and over.

Full battery charge (10 days) one minute and then 120 minutes later it says 2 days remaining.

The battery appears to be draining constantly and very quickly.

In the middle of a walk and it vibrates and goes into sleep mode.

Sleeping mode all set and then the band just cuts off and stops recording anything altogether.

The single “button” doesn’t seem to press easily anymore and I really have to deliberately push it in now and that action doesn’t show the current mode as it is supposed to, but rather switches from sleep to active.

I have not had it on my arm all day and it is sitting in front of my keyboard, occasionally vibrating and alternating modes by itself.

Sad. I really liked the concept.

I tweeted and sent a DM to @jawbone and have put the information above into a support ticket. We’ll see what happens and report back.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  • Ben Muldrow says:

    My up died out of nowhere. So did my two Jawbone Jambox. I just got an RMA from them, they are replacing my newest, yet out of warranty jam box, good luck!

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