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    Steve, this reply is over two years late. I may have blogged about this in the past. When we moved to NY the first sail was on Mendon Pond. I forgot to check something and realized immediately that the rudder wasn’t working as the boat left the dock. It sailed beautifully straight across the pond and into the reeds. We had to return to Rochester, buy a canoe and go rescue the RC Laser – in February! Hope you recovered your boat. Sorry I didn’t see this comment for a couple of years.

  2. Bob
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    Wow… graphics on laser are great! How did you do it? thanks.

  3. Steve Petry
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    Hi, Reading your website, I see you sail RC boats and also visit Mendon ponds.
    Last week 5/2/2012, we lost an RC sailboat on the pond, it got stuck in the marsh and reeds on 100 acre pond, we left to get a raft to recover the sailboat and when we returned it was gone.
    It was a Blue Kyosho Seawind, if found please let me know.


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