My New Guitar

I bought a guitar last week. It is a Martin DX1 acoustic with an electric pickup. I have wanted a guitar since I was a kid. I played on my dad’s guitar back then. My grandfather had a classical guitar. He took lessons and was pretty good. I dropped an Ovation acoustic years ago and that resulted in 9 stitches above my eye. I was never very good. I knew a dozen chords at one point but about 4 these days. I’m working through the lessons on and I just ordered his beginner songbook. I’m at the point now where my fingers are not hurting when I play for more than 10 minutes. If you are interested in guitar, I highly recommend checking out that site.

How To Clear The Apple Mail Address Cache

For years I’ve been frustrated that when I go to address a message in Apple Mail I see old addresses for people or addresses that I’ve typed incorrectly.

Often, I would find that I had sent the message to the wrong person or to the incorrect address. I casually looked for a solution to the problem in the past but not until this morning when my grandfather asked me how to clear that cache did I really go looking for the answer.

Here is the very simple solution.

First, make sure the addresses in your Apple Contacts program (ie: your Address Book) are up-to-date and you have deleted old addresses.

Then, in Mail, go to the tab that says “Window” at the top and choose “Previous Recipients” from the drop-down menu. Clear the ones you never want to see again, or, do what I did and clear them all and start fresh with the new addresses being pulled from your Apple Contacts.

For the record, that’s two Apple Mail problems solved in one day!

How To Clear A Message Stuck In the Draft Folder In Apple Mail

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a message stuck in the Drafts folder of Apple Mail. I am using OS 10.7.2 and Mail 5.1.

I would delete the draft and it would disappear. Then it would reappear after a few minutes or after a restart.

I went through everything I could think of several times and was about to give up and then it came to me… Mail the draft to myself and then delete it!

That worked!

So, if you have a draft message that just won’t delete from your Drafts folder in your email, email it to yourself!