New day, new theme, new resume. What?

Written by Bill Blevins on July 26, 2011 Categories: Gadgets, Internet, Personal, Weather Tags: ,

Hah. There! This morning I decided that the neglectful attentiveness to my blog ends today. I’ve decided that in the past and it seems to take hold for a while.

I read an article this morning that suggested everyone should post their resume as a page off of their domain name (if they have one obviously). I’m happy with my job but I do want to be the top “Bill Blevins” found in search results and I thought…, “Oh, that will be easy” and, “I do have a current resume handy” and “That probably won’t take much time or hurt much.”

In the process –you know how that goes– I decided to switch WordPress themes. It’s only a click of a couple of buttons, right?

That decision will probably cost me a whole Saturday soon cleaning up the mess I’ve made.

The biggest thing missing though is my cool real-time weather sticker from my home weather station. Something like this, only smaller to fit in the right rail:

So, there it is. For now.

I do really like this theme.

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