How To Make A QR Code That Links To A URL

QR codes can be used for several purposes and there are multiple ways to create them, but today I learned of a new quick and easy way to generate one that takes someone directly to a URL.

Shorten a URL using or and then just enter .qr after the shortened link. The resulting page will show your new QR code.

Here is the step by step:
  1. I want people who scan my QR code to go to
  2. I go to and enter my site and get back the shortened version here:
  3. I just add .qr to then end to get and visit that site to see my code.
  4. Drag that image to my desktop and then use it in my marketing or ad.
I haven’t thought of a good use for this but I’m frequently asked how to create QR codes and now I have another answer other than sending the person to¬† That site allows you to make QR codes that do more than just send someone to a web page.