Google URL Shortener

Stop sending long URLs!

Google has a new URL shortener at

Copy a long URL from a page you want to share and then visit and paste in the long link and hit submit.

The site will return a much shorter link that you can share with people.

As an example, here is the long url to this post:

Here is the shortened link using Google’s URL Shortener:

Shortening links avoids all sorts of problems with email clients breaking long urls into pieces and give back many of your characters to use in your  Twitter message.

You don’t need to sign in to use it. However, if you do sign in with your GMail account, the new Google URL Shortener will save all of the links you shorten and report to you how many people clicked the link you shared. Go now and check it out and stop sending long urls!

There are many other sites that do this too including and

Do you sometimes you get a shortened url sent to you in a message (especially in junk mail messages) and you’d rather know where it was going to take you before you click? Try