Beginner Fly Tying Class

Four of us started an eight-week beginner fly tying class at the local parks and recreation center here in Fairport, NY last night. We were told that we’d be learning the basics by tying “classic” patterns that “work in Western New York”.

I need patterns that work in Western New York!

Although I’ve tied flies for a while, I’ve never taken a formal class. I’ve read a lot of books, bought a lot of fur and feathers, watched a few instructional DVD’s, but mostly gained my knowledge to date watching videos on YouTube!

The class was educational, interesting, occasionally entertaining and most importantly fun to hang out with my fishing buddies.

I’ve already picked up a few tips (ie: hold on to your scissors while you are tying) and we completed two patterns – both steelhead jigs – tied on large hooks with molded heads.

Stay tuned for the whole series!

Chartreuse Marabou Steelhead Jig

Chartreuse Marabou Steelhead Jig

Brown Bleeding Bucktail Steelhead Jig

Brown Bleeding Bucktail Steelhead Jig

2009 / 2010 New York Snow Derby (1/4/2010 update)

Rochester Snow Derby totals as of 1/4/2010, originally uploaded by sailorbill.

Here are the Rochester Snow Derby totals as of 1/4/2010 comparing the season’s snowfall levels for Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and Albany, New York. The local TV station used to have a link to this on their site which they continually updated but I can’t seem to find it at the moment. seems to be updated every day. The numbers are slightly different from the photo I took of the TV screen last night.