Fly fishing at Oak Orchard in Western, NY

Oak Orchard Creek, NY

I’m changing shirts! I always seem to have on this orange Filson moleskin!! I’m sure next time I’ll catch more fish with a black shirt.

This is Oak Orchard Creek in Western, NY, right below the point where the fish can’t go upstream any further – about 2.5 miles from Lake Ontario. (I don’t think they can scale this falls).

I didn’t catch anything but I hooked one and bent the #8 hook pretty good and I did cast at a nice brown and a 4-year-old rainbow (they call them steelheads here) but neither were hungry or I scared them off with the big 8 wt. and #2 hook on a 1x leader!!

Next time… smaller gear!!

I did see 3 steelhead caught on spin gear. They looked like 13-inchers and didn’t put up much of a fight for the guys reeling them in.

Beautiful day here with 53 degrees in December! Nice! Next trip will require steel studs on the boots I’m sure!