2008 2.4mR Canadian Championships

We’re heading around to the other side of “the lake” this morning, pulling one of our 2.4mR boats and visiting with friends in Toronto, Canada. I’m going to participate in the 2008 2.4 Meter Canadian Championships on Saturday and Sunday.

The National Yacht Club is hosting the event and sailing is off the shores of Toronto on Lake Ontario.

Today is boat rigging day and tune-up sailing with local Toronto sailors and those of us who shows up early.

I’ll be posting photos and updates in the evenings.

Startup Schwag update

For months I’ve failed to blog about the stuff “in ze bag” that I receive from StartUp Schwag. Recent “bags” included things from:

Shopped in person, buying online

Yesterday, Tracy and I bought a new house in Fairport, NY. Over the past two years while we have been living up here, we’ve been saving money in case we needed to do upgrades to the house before we moved, rather than after we got settled in to the new place.

After the closing we drove over to Henrietta, NY with our checkbook in-hand and visited Lowes, Home Depot, Sears and Best Buy to buy a refrigerator, double oven and microwave.  (We could have been talked into a cook-top stove too).

We spent at least four hours shopping.

Tracy had a folder with fliers, brochures and printouts from the computer of all of the items she had picked out. We walked the aisles and rows of appliances comparing items and cross-checking with all of Tracy’s paperwork, finding the things she wanted to buy.

We moved from store to store comparing sales offers and prices throughout the late afternoon and into the evening.

We ended up not making a purchase but not really because we didn’t find everything…

Not one store associate or salesperson offered any help. None of them said, “Hello”, and believe me, after that long in several stores, we saw at least ten employees in those sections doing “something”, though I’m not sure it was “work”. We weren’t the only shoppers in the sections either and only at Best Buy did I see one of them getting assistance.

At Sears, where I believe the sales associates are on commission, three of them were sitting on the washing machines across from where we were browsing!

When we got home, we went online to do more comparison with the data we picked up during our trip and we’re now ordering online and having everything shipped directly to the house.

Algae blooms at Olympic sailing venue

Algae Bloom for Olympic sailors

Quindao, China Algae Bloom at sailing site, originally uploaded to Flickr by beijingente.

China’s latest Olympics nightmare is a vast algae bloom that covers one third of the sea where the world’s best sailors are supposed to be competing in just over a month.¬†Athletes call it “the blob”, “the carpet”, “the fairway”, and “the serious problem”.

Click here to read the full story on the Fox News site.