Sunday Afternoon Race #1

race one

Tracy took this photo of my little 2.4 Meter sailboat in front of two Catalina 25’s on the downhill leg of the first Sunday afternoon race of the season at Canandaigua Yacht Club . Very shifty and light winds allowed for practicing all points of sail on each of the legs of the triangle course. I did manage to get the gun but I haven’t seen the results yet for the handicaps. Fun!

Sailing Practice Track on May 24, 2008

Google Earth Track

Sailing Practice Track on May 24, 2008, (Google Earth)

This is the track export from the Velocitek SC-1 and viewed with Google Earth. With no place to go, it seems like I just sailed around in circled. The winds were very puffy and shifty and I’d say constant at 10 knots with gusts over 20 on occasion. This export function is new to me and this is the first time I’ve used this feature. Once the device is used in a race, the computer automatically will divide the tracks into separate races and then it can export data on each race in HTML. It shows things like wind direction and speed over periods of time from “best 10 second run” to “best 500 meter run” based on average speed. Still playing with this one. Stay tuned.

Our 2.4 Meters Have Spots

Getting Our Measurement Dots

Gene Hinkle drove up from St. Petersburg, FL this week to deliver boats in Rochester for Canadian customers and today he stopped by the Canandaigua Yacht Club to place measurement marks on the hulls of our 2.4mR sailboats.

Gene is the official measurer for several international sailboat classes including Sonars and 2.4 Meters. He had to make due with a tape measure today since his new templates are over in Qingdao waiting for him to return before the 2008 Paralympic Games begin later this year.

Thanks a million Gene!

(P.S. – I’m glad you connected with Dave Troyer about “Krugerrand” too. That was cool!)

Still… “one of the prettiest boats on the Potomac”


I’m happy to report that “Sabrina”, our former 1966 Alberg 30 #158 is still actively sailing and racing under the helmsmanship of her new owner Dana Shafie and he is blogging about their sailing adventures. They hail out of the Washington Sailing Marina in Washington D.C.. Dana’s blog reports that Sabrina is still “one of the prettiest boats on the Potomac“.

I can’t argue with that!

CYC Race Committee Volunteer Training

CYC Race Committee Volunteer Training

Tracy and I attended a race committee volunteer training course this morning at the Canandaigua Yacht Club. It was pretty much like all of the other RCs we’ve worked with in the past except for a cool computerized horn system that automates the audible signals with the timing sequences. It has a nickname which is slipping my mind at the moment.


Maybe. I think it was “Ollie”.