Western New York Fly Fishing

Winter has started to creep in to the Western part of New York and the ‘Browns’ are thinking about grabbing their last meals before slowing down for the winter in the creeks near Rochester.

We had a our first little flurry of snow yesterday. The temps are dropping too but wearing layers seems to be working just fine as I actually got too hot the last time out – except for my fingers! I have to figure out what to do about gloves. Any suggestions are appreciated. My next approach will be to take several pairs and when the first pair gets wet, switch to dry ones.

The bass boat is getting winterized next week. I may take it out once more to mix up the Stay-bil in the tank before shutting things down for the cold weather.

Tracy just bought me a 8’6″ 3 wt. Winston Boron IIx fly rod for my 40th birthday, so I’m now walking the area’s freezing creeks hunting for fish.

I might be addicted to fishing.

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  1. Try lined gardening gloves. They’re mostly waterproof, come cheaply at Home Depot, and are built to let you move your hands pretty easily.

    Don’t try wool mittens. Learn from my mistakes.

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