8, 9 & 10 = 8 GB iPhone

Emily, Tracy and I went to the mall at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon and saw the very long line at the Apple store so we cut through the FYI store to the other side of the mall and found only 7 people in line at AT&T, all waiting for the new iPhone this afternoon. (We were numbers 8, 9 and 10).

At six on the dot, the doors opened. Ten minutes later we walked out with the last three available 8 Gb models at that store. The people behind us were not happy. The store got 10 of each type.

(They were planning to place orders for the rest of the people in line, they said.)

Anyway… now, after owning this thing for 3 hrs, I’ve got a new phone number, I’ve surfed the web and read the press release from my company tonight, SMS’d with a vendor, called Tracy (first) and then my Dad, answered a call from Howard, found Pizza in zip code 14450… and I can safely say this thing is amazing.

More to follow I’m sure.

NuHull boat cleaner is simply amazing

I’ve been messing with boats for over 17 years. I’ll spare you the full story and just say that if you have a boat with stains on the gelcoat, NuHull is the only cleaner you need.

I’m rarely 100% satisfied with anything. This stuff is amazing. Before I could wipe off the spray, the stain had already disappeared.

The cleaner has a slight rotten egg smell and you need to wear a pair of rubber gloves.

I ordered a gallon jug online and used about 15% of it cleaning a stained white hull on a 20 foot boat and the full job took about 30 minutes. Last week, I spent 3 hours trying to clean the hull with other marine and household cleaners, scrubbing while laying on my back getting soaked in the process.

If you order a bottle of NuHull, you won’t be disappointed and I bet you won’t go back to regular cleaners for your boat.

The instructions also talk about diluting the solution in water and using it for all type of cleaning situations. I’ll give that a try at some point and report back on that as well.

One note – rinse your driveway really well if you are on pavement because if not, you’ll have a large clean spot underneath the area where you were working.