Canton Repository Building HDR Photo

The Canton Repository
I’m still trying to figure out this HDR photo process. Here is a shot of the front of the Canton Repository in Canton, Ohio. Howard and I drove over for a visit on Tuesday and the light was really nice when we arrived. I had my tripod in the car so I figured I’d try the process where PhotoMatrix combines multiple exposures. Maybe I’m not picking the right scenes to get the extreme effects I see on pics tagged with HDR on Flickr. On the other hand, this is about what the building looked like in real life. The other thing I think will help is a cable release because at these long shutter speeds using a high ISO, I’m sure camera shake is still happening when pushing the shutter release, even on the tripod. Stay tuned…

Rumor has it that there a gold Pulitzer medal, won for coverage of a crime scene a year earlier, embedded in the cornerstone that was placed in 1927 for the Canton Daily News, the first paper to work out of the building.

I went sailing today

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Went sailing today, originally uploaded by sailorbill.

Took my RC Laser out for a sail today on the Erie Canal behind the house here in Fairport, NY. The water is not all the way back to normal summer height, but it has been full enough to sail this winter when there was no ice on the top. Not much wind today.

Looks like our house is selling

We’ve formalized a contract on our house in Birmingham, AL. The final price is significantly less than we were initially asking, but considering the current market worries and the fact that we are already half-way moved to NY and renting a townhouse for a few more months, we took the offer with few changes. To boot, it’s a cash deal closing in 30 days. A doctor and a former Miss Alabama are going to move in later this summer. There will be three doctors and two Miss Alabama winners on our little cul-du-sac now.

One-for-Ten Rule

I don’t think I’m a messy person. In fact, there’s this odd behavior where I pick up things found in the wrong place, and when I’m finished, I end up putting whatever it is back in the same wrong place.

My wife has been out of town for ten days, tending to our house that is still for sale in Birmingham, AL and visiting with her parents.

Maxine and I have been buddies in and around the house for the past week-and-a-half. We walked to Fairport several times. We went to the park several times. We climbed a small mountain in a snowstorm to go take pictures on Sunday. We’ve tracked in dirt, birdseed, snow and what appears to be about a half-bale of straw. As far as I can tell, we’ve only killed one house plant.

I’ve accumulated a pile of dirty clothes and two loads of dishes (surprisingly, I did not order pizza one time).

I’ve figured that it takes me about one day to clean up for ten days left on my own.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging

HDR #2

I finally bought a tripod this morning and now I have the ability to make multiple images of the same scene. This allows for experimentation with the HDR tools in Photoshop. It seems somewhat weird that my first experiment was of the Kodak building in downtown Rochester, NY which I happened to pass on the way home from the camera store.