Bye-bye Podcasts, Hello vLogs

Yeah, my AppleTV arrived Friday. Well, actually since I wasn’t home Friday I had to go and wait at the door of the FedEx office until they opened Saturday morning.

Anyway… I got it hooked up via the device’s HDMI port to the TV’s component video inputs. Running short on inputs, I had to switch my HDTV to the DVI input because I couldn’t play PS3 Tiger Woods Golf 2007 on anything less than the best quality settings.


I just told a co-worker that I’ve already deleted all of my favorite podcasts from iTunes – Slashdot, NPR Tech, (I’m sorry Rob, I’ll still listen on my iPod) and started scoping out video blogs.

Rocketboom looks great on the wide-screen though my wife hasn’t quite appreciated this yet. (She says it is no wonder their demographic show that only 8% of their audience are female.)

We did agree on Reuters “Odd News” videos, but that one only comes out once a week. I bet that is all about to change.