Bye-bye Podcasts, Hello vLogs

Yeah, my AppleTV arrived Friday. Well, actually since I wasn’t home Friday I had to go and wait at the door of the FedEx office until they opened Saturday morning.

Anyway… I got it hooked up via the device’s HDMI port to the TV’s component video inputs. Running short on inputs, I had to switch my HDTV to the DVI input because I couldn’t play PS3 Tiger Woods Golf 2007 on anything less than the best quality settings.


I just told a co-worker that I’ve already deleted all of my favorite podcasts from iTunes – Slashdot, NPR Tech, (I’m sorry Rob, I’ll still listen on my iPod) and started scoping out video blogs.

Rocketboom looks great on the wide-screen though my wife hasn’t quite appreciated this yet. (She says it is no wonder their demographic show that only 8% of their audience are female.)

We did agree on Reuters “Odd News” videos, but that one only comes out once a week. I bet that is all about to change.

Apple Airline Adapter, meet my CueCat

I’ve been to California twice in the past four weeks. Before the first trip I purchased the new Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter thinking that I’d get some work time in during the flight.

On the first trip out, after being upgraded to what is referred to on United as “first class”, I thought I’d be in luck to use my new gadget. Not so. There were plugs under the seat, but none looked anything like the two adapters on the end of my power cord – one looked like a USB port and the other looked like some sort of Ethernet outlet.

Back to reality in the back of the plane for my next three multiple-leg hops across the country, there was not an outlet to be found.

Last night on the flight from Sacramento to Chicago, while reading MacWorld, I saw mention of the Apple Airline power adapter and in the article a small mention of a site called where you can do your power outlet research before booking flights. After browsing the two airlines I travel most frequently – Delta and United – I don’t expect to be using my new cord any time soon.

I guess I’ll keep it in my computer bag for a little while, but soon I’ll probably introduce this device to it’s new neighbor on my office bookshelf that is filled with gadgets I got that never worked.

MagSafe, meet CueCat. CueCat, meet MagSafe.