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My Healthcare Questions for Journalists

I am a 49 year old male and I’m married with no kids. I am an entrepreneur with a young startup and no employees. I am not an expert on healthcare. I currently buy health insurance through the HealthCare.gov exchange via the Affordable Care Act. I chose a mid-tier policy that I think meets the needs for my… read more »

QR Codes In The Garden

Here at Plants Map we have over 160 universities, botanical gardens and other users scanning QR codes every day on tens of thousands of plants around the world. A QR code is simply an image of a block of text and in our case, that block of text is a URL to a page we… read more »

What is the best way to label plants and trees?

Plants Map Tags connect people to plants. It’s really that simple. When Tracy and I moved to New York in 2006 I brought along a potted Dawn Redwood seedling that she got for free because she was a member at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama. At the time I didn’t appreciate how magnificent these trees are but as the 12″… read more »

Plants Map: Connecting People With Plants

  Plants Map was born in January 2014 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Visit PlantsMap.com and share the stories of your plants, trees and gardens! National Biodiversity Teach-in | Classroom Resources Plants Map is a “must have” for Summer Gardening (The Free Lance-Star) Spice Up Your Summer with these Gardening Apps (Verizon Wireless) Social Website for Gardeners Wins Startup Weekend… read more »

The 1962 Appalachian Trail Hike

It was early June, a typical Sunday afternoon; and the small community simmered in the summer heat. A huge station wagon, which bore foreign license plates, invaded the peaceful valley. It was decorated profusely with enormous pictures of citrus fruits. The station wagon slowly approached the community picnic grounds, where a small group of local… read more »