Tall Timbers Homeowners Association Contact Information

It took me a few weeks, but I finally found the email address to request a disclosure packet and HOA Resale Package from the Tall Timbers Homeowners Association in Glen Allen, VA. I find it really hard to believe that in 2015 that an HOA doesn't have a web page with this information! So, I'm posting what I found to help the next person that is looking [...]

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Tip: Save A Little Cash Before You Die In Henrico County, VA

My mom passed away on June 14, 2015 in Henrico County, VA. That week, my sister and I had to come up with some cash quickly to pay the preacher and organist at the [...]

QR Codes In The Garden

Here at Plants Map we have over 160 universities, botanical gardens and other users scanning QR codes every day on tens of thousands of plants around the world. A QR code [...]

What is the best way to label plants and trees?

Plants Map Tags connect people to plants. It's really that simple. When Tracy and I moved to New York in 2006 I brought along a potted Dawn Redwood seedling that [...]

Plants Map: Connecting People With Plants

  Plants Map was born in January 2014 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Visit PlantsMap.com and share the stories of your plants, trees and gardens! National [...]

The 1962 Appalachian Trail Hike

It was early June, a typical Sunday afternoon; and the small community simmered in the summer heat. A huge station wagon, which bore foreign license plates, invaded the [...]

Weather stick shows improving conditions

Check out how the icicle is bent because the Vermont Weather Stick mounted on the back of the house is rising, showing that the weather is improving. Meteorological Spring [...]

The Kore Stool

Many of you know that I race big sailboats. I also race small radio controlled sailboats called RC Lasers. On a regular basis, people who see the RC Laser comment on how [...]

Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Solo Fly Fishing Kayak

From Carp on the Fly The Ultimate 14.5 Solo (in Camo of course) from Native Watercraft is a kayak designed for the fly fisherman. You can stand up in it. [...]

Radio Controlled Laser Sailboat

The RC Laser sailboat is often called a "Boat in a Bag." No construction necessary and it's ready to sail in under 5 minutes! Only the [...]

Border Collies Are The Smartest Dogs

This is our Border Collie Grace pretending to be a [...]

My New Guitar

I bought a guitar last week. It is a Martin DX1 acoustic with an electric pickup. I have wanted a guitar since I was a kid. I played on my dad's guitar back then. My [...]

How To Clear The Apple Mail Address Cache

For years I've been frustrated that when I go to address a message in Apple Mail I see old addresses for people or addresses that I've typed incorrectly. Often, I would [...]